Welcome all the players, coaches, referees, parents and friends to our LA Galaxy OC Summer Invitational tournament and thank everyone for attending. Below is the necessary information and rules of our tournament.


This Class I and Class III tournament is open to all Boys & Girls 2012 – 2001 from CYSA and all teams affiliated with USSF. Qualifying applications will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any application. All decisions, judgments and rulings of the tournament referees and officials are final. NO PROTESTS WILL BE ENTERTAINED OR ALLOWED.


  • Teams will play in age brackets for 2019-2020 seasons and will use their 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 player passes and medical releases.
  • 2012-2010 age groups will play 7 v 7 with no exceptions, 2009-2008 age groups will play 9 v 9.
  • Teams must be affiliated with FIFA and/or USSF, players and coaches must have laminated cards.
  • Unlimited loan players will be permitted with a maximum roster size of 2012-2008 (14 players), 2007-2001 (18 players) with loan papers, if applicable.
  • All USYS teams will need proper travel papers.

Rosters & Team Registration

  • Teams will check-in a minimum of 60 minutes prior to their first game.
  • There will be no additions to the team roster after the team check-ins.
  • Player cards or medical releases may be accepted later by Field Marshall but only if player is listed on the official team roster at time of registration.
  • At check-in, a completed and signed Team Roster must be submitted by Coach or Manager who must certify that all players are FIFA and/or USSF 2018/2019 or 2019/2020 registered players.
  • Laminated player cards with photo and medical release forms will be required at registration.
  • The Tournament Field Marshall shall pull and hold player cards for any player receiving a red card.
  • No player may compete in the Tournament on more than one team.
  • AYSO teams with AYSO player cards are accepted. Players from AYSO or non-USSF affiliated organization playing as a guest for a Cal South competitive club team must have a valid Cal South player card to play.

 Check-In Before Game
Teams will check-in 60 minutes prior to game time at game site. The Field Marshal will hold player ID cards during match. Referees will check all teams for proper equipment. Coach or Team Administrator will hold Medical Release forms. The coach or team admin should obtain signature from the referee on the score card after each game and return the signed score card to the Field Marshal.

 Game Procedures

  • Player I.D. cards and rosters will be verified upon check-in.
  • All teams must have a licensed coach or carded administrator at every game.
  • All teams shall consist of at least (8) players. (6 players for 2012-2008).
  • All teams will sit on one side of the field and the spectators on the opposite side of the field mirroring their respective team. The Home team will have choice of bench. It is the responsibility of each team to monitor their spectator behavior during each game.
  • For the safety of the players, all spectators shall sit a minimum of 2 yards from the touchline, including umbrellas.
  • In the event of a color conflict, home team must change jerseys.
  • Home team will supply the game ball unless it’s provided by the tournament.
  • There will be no coin toss in any preliminary game, Home team will choose defending goal and visiting team has kick-off.
  • Referees have been instructed to start all games on time. No injury time will be added.
  • All 7 v 7 and 9 v 9 games will be played using the US Soccer Development Initiatives

Heading/Build out Line
The No Heading and the Build Out Line rule for ages 2012-2009 will be enforced.

7 V 7 games:

  • No Deliberate heading of the ball. For deliberate heading, the restart is an IFK to the opponent.
  • If the deliberate heading by a defender occurs inside the defender’s penalty area, the IFK will be taken from the penalty area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the offense occurred.

 Build out line:
When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, the opposing team must move behind the build out line until the ball is put into play.
Once the opposing team is behind the build out line, the goalkeeper can pass, throw or roll the ball into play (punts and drop kicks are not allowed).
After the ball is put into play by the goalkeeper, the opposing team can cross the build out line and play resumes as normal.
The opposing team must also move behind the build out line during a goal kick until the ball is put into play.

If a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball within the penalty area, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opponent to be taken from the penalty area line parallel to the goal line at the nearest point to where the offense occurred.

The build out line will also be used to denote where offside offenses can be called.
Players cannot be penalized for an offside offense between the halfway line and the build out line. Players can be penalized for an offside offense between the build out line and goal line.

To support the intent of the development rule, coaches and referees should be mindful of any intentional delays being caused by opponents not retreating in a timely manner or encroaching over the build out line prior to the ball being put into play. Coaches are responsible for addressing these types of issues with their players. Referees should be flexible when enforcing the 6 second rule and counting the time of possession should only begin when all opponents have moved behind the build out line.

Substitutions are unlimited and can occur at any stoppage.

9 v 9 games:
Deliberate heading is not allowed in 9v9 games for the U11 (2009) birth year games. If a player deliberately heads the ball in a game, an indirect free kick should be awarded to the opposing team.
Deliberate heading IS allowed in the 9v9 games for the U12 (2008) birth year games.

Substitutions are unlimited and can occur at any stoppage.

 Match Rules

All games shall be played by, FIFA Rules as modified by USYSA, CYSA-S, and the LA Galaxy OC. The Tournament Director will resolve any situations/issues not explicitly covered by the rules. The Tournament Director will make final decisions relating to the interpretation of the Tournament rules. However, the Tournament Director may delegate authority to the Venue Director if the Tournament Director is not present at the game.

Division Game Times Finals (Halves) Ball Size
U18/19 – 02/01 11 v 11 35 Minutes Halves 35 Minutes 5
U17 – 2003 11 v 11 35 Minutes Halves 35 Minutes 5
U16 – 2004 11 v 11 35 Minutes Halves 35 Minutes 5
U15 – 2005 11 v 11 35 Minutes Halves 35 Minutes 5
U14 – 2006 11 v 11 30 Minutes Halves 35 Minutes 5
U13 – 2007 11 v 11 30 Minutes Halves 30 Minutes 5
U12 – 2008 9 v 9 25 Minutes Halves 30 Minutes 4
U11 – 2009 9 v 9 25 Minutes Halves 30 Minutes 4
U10 – 2010 7 v 7 25 Minutes Halves 25 Minutes 4
U9 – 2011 7 v 7 25 Minutes Halves 25 Minutes 4
  • In the event a Finals/Championship game ends in a tie, two overtime periods will be played (NO Golden Goal).
  • In the Finals/Championship games 2012-2008 will play two 5 minute overtime periods. 2007-2001 will play two 7 minute overtime periods.
  • Finals/Championship games that end in a tie after the two overtime periods will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks.
  • In the event of a tie in a semi-final game, no overtime period will be played. The teams will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks.
  • Preliminary games can end in a tie.
  • All Preliminary Games will be called not less than five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled start of the next game regardless of the amount of time played in each half up to that point.
  • Teams that are not ready to start at their scheduled game time will forfeit their game.

 Player Equipment

  • Shin guards are mandatory for all players.
  • Proper soccer shoes must be worn by all players (those that contain a toe cleat will not be allowed)
  • Players must not wear anything that is dangerous to himself/herself or another player (including jewelry)
  • No player will be allowed to play with an injury which could be aggravated by playing or which, in the opinion of the referee, constitutes a danger to themselves or others.

 Player Substitution

  • Substitution by a team shall be unlimited but only with the permission of the referee.
  • Substitutions may be made by both teams, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
  • When a player injured on the field requires attention, they must be leave the field of play, if only briefly.
  • Substitution shall be made at midfield within (10) yards of the halfway line. The substitute player shall not enter the field of play until allowed by the referee and the player substituted has left the field of play.

 Scoring System (revised)
Win = 3 points Tie = 1 points Loss = 0 points *Note: No point will be given for a shutout. A forfeit win will be scored as 1-0.

Tie Breaker* Ties in points in the pool play shall use the following tiebreaker rules in order:
1. The winner in head-to-head competition
2. Goal differential (goals scored minus goals allowed to a maximum differential of 4 per game)
3. Least goals allowed
4. Most goals scored
5. Shut-out wins (forfeits not counting)
6. FIFA kicks from the penalty mark
7. If there is a tie between two or more teams after step 6, penalty kicks will be used.


The winning team will be presented with the OC Summer Invitational Team trophy and championship t-shirts. Individual player medallions will be presented to the champions and finalists at the completion of the championship game. All participants will receive an OC Summer Invitational pin.


  • Coaches have complete responsibility for the conduct of their players, bench, friends, and spectators at all times.
  • Coaching from the sidelines (giving direction to one’s own team on points of strategy and position) is permitted, provided that no mechanical devices are use and the tone of the voice is instructive and not derogatory.
  • Each coach or substitute remains within 10 yards on either side of the halfway line.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator makes derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators.
  • No coach, substitute, or spectator uses profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior.
  • In the opinion of game officials, a game must be terminated for misconduct of players, bench or spectators, the offending team can be suspended from further play and forfeit that game and all remaining games. In this event, all previous points earned remain as played.
  • Any player or coach ordered from the field of play (RED CARD) will not be allowed to participate in the next match as a minimum and if violent conduct occurs the player or coach may be ejected for remainder of tournamentat discretion of Tournament Director. Two YELLOW cards during a match shall be ejected for remainder of the match and will serve a one game suspension. A one-point deduction will be given to the offending team for each red card (double yellow included).
  • Any player or coach who assaults a referee will be expelled from the Tournament immediately.
  • Disciplinary measures imposed by this tournament organization for inappropriate behavior shall not be limited to placing restrictions upon an individual player, coach, and spectator or team’s participation in the tournament. Such disciplinary action will be as determined by and at the discretion of the Tournament Director or designated Field Marshall and can include exclusion from further tournament participation.
  • Any cards issued will be reported to US Club and USYS in a tournament report and thereby to the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters involved except that all matters involving a referee assault shall, in accordance with USSF Rule II08, be referred immediately to USYS and US Club Soccer. The home state association and the home club/league of the player, coach, team or supporters shall, except in the case of referee assault, have the responsibility for imposing, should the circumstances warrant, additional sanctions within their respective jurisdictions with regard to matters arising from the tournament.

 Inclement Weather
In the event of inclement weather, which the Tournament Committee deems as being unsafe conditions for the players and/or the fields, and competition can not continue:

  • Matches that are at the half time or are in the second half will have the score stand as final.
  • Matches that are in the first half of play may be shortened, kicks from the penalty mark, or other means, as determined by the Tournament Committee, may be used to determine winners.
  • If the tournament is cancelled due to inclement weather prior to the start of competition, teams will be issued partial refunds according to Refund Policy.

 Registration Fees & Discounts
Tournament Registration Fees: U8 – U10: $695  |  U11 – U12: $795  |  U13 – U19: $895
We can offer the following discounts for clubs who DO NOT currently reciprocal partnership deals:

Champions Refund/Discount $150 per team:

  • 2019 State Cup and National Cup Winners

Multi Team Discounts:

  • 8+ teams = $50 discount per team
  • 15+ teams = $100 per team

Each team is eligible for 1 discount up to a maximum of $150  (Example: A team cannot claim multi team discount and Champions Refund)

 Refund Policy

  • Full refunds will be made to all teams not accepted.
  • Teams must drop in writing prior to the application deadline to receive a refund. Requests for (DROPS) withdrawals from the tournament will only be accepted from Administrators (Contact Person or Coach) listed on the team application for the tournament.
  • Refunds provided to teams that drop prior to the deadline, will be assessed a $50.00 administrative fee.
  • Teams that drop after the application deadline will forfeit their entire entry fee.
  • If the tournament is cancelled as a result of weather or acts of God, teams will receive a full refund less an administrative fee of $100.
  • If the tournament is cancelled once it begins, refunds will be giving according to the following schedule:
    1. Three Matches Played No Refund
    2. Two Matches Played $100 Refund
    3. One Match Played $200 Refund
    4. Cancellation of All Matches Full Refund less $100 administrative fee.

 Score Corrections
At the end of each game, each Coach or Team Administrator must carefully review and sign the game cards. Coach or Team Administrators should review posted scores to verify scores are properly recorded and contact Field Marshal and/or Tournament Director immediately of any possible errors. The score card is official match record and may not be changed except under the following circumstances:

  • If Coaches/Team Administrators of both teams meet with Field Marshal and agree to a score correction, the Field Marshal will correct the score and other records accordingly.
  • If Referee verifies incorrect score was recorded, Field Marshal (with Tournaments Director’s approval) may correct score and other records accordingly.
  • Scores incorrectly posted shall be investigated by Field Marshall by checking original match record and corrected accordingly.

Venue Rules & Restrictions

  • No alcoholic beverages shall be permitted in the immediate vicinity of the playing site. No person shall be permitted to appear on, or in the vicinity of, the playing site in an intoxicated condition.
  • Pets are not allowed on any of the fields at any time.
  • This is a smoke-free environment; no smoking is allowed at any of the fields.
  • At synthetic turf fields, no chairs, no sharp or pointed umbrellas, canopy, or shading anchors are allowed to penetrate the turf.
  • At synthetic turf fields, no food, only water, no gum, or seeds of any kind allowed on turf surface.
  • Please help us keep the games on time by immediately collecting your things and clearing your sideline after your game. This will allow the next team to move into position and prepare for the start of their game.
  • Breaking the law is under the jurisdiction of the Irvine Police Department, not the tournament management team. Proper authorities will be contacted as deemed necessary.

** All games will be considered final and no protests will be allowed **